ew Disorder is dead, but it will never die! So, I had to upgrade my hard drives, and the weird C program I wrote in 1999 to run the site just won't compile without serious memory errors. I'm not mad, it ran for 16 years, that's not bad! But, it means I have to rebuild a lot of the site. I hope I can take this opportunity to make it more focused on the stuff I want to have out there: access to the music via mp3s, photos and writing, videos. Bear with me, it will take some time to get it running fully.

The Gods Hate Kansas

Sock Puppet Show, Gilman, 1999

Blue By Day, White By Night


here's an article Here From the AP about some cops in Philly who got in trouble for racist stickers. In the article, one sticker is described as saying "white power" and the other as having an image of a half cop, half klansman with the words "blue by day, white by night."

   As anyone who reads this site should know, there's only one place that anyone could get a sticker like that. That's right - MDC, the old SF queer, anti-racist thrash band. I've included an image. Now, this doesn't mean that the cop isn't still an asshole, but it does give credence to his statement that someone else put the stickers on his locker as a prank. I am pretty certain that NO-ONE has ever made a pro klan / pro cop sticker. I'm sorry, but it just doesn't make sense. Even some racist asshole wouldn't think to do it. Besides, MDC (that stands for "millions of dead cops" after all) had already thought of it.

   The real question: where'd some Philly cop come across an old MDC sticker?

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