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All MP3's are now free to download, no need to log in or anything. As long as no bots attack me, I'll leave it that way
Featured Labels:
Big Action Records
indie label from minnesota...we like to release just about anything the rocks for hard working bands.....
Rube Records
Small independent label/distro located in upstate NY.
Top Ten Downloads
The Criminals I want to stab you with something rusty
The Criminals Radio
The Criminals State Sponsored Slaughter
d.b.s. Dear Diary
The Criminals Nothing
d.b.s. And Then I Awoke
d.b.s. The Sun Went All The Way Down
Half Empty Hey! You Can't Set Me on Fire, I'm a Guidance Counselor
Half Empty I've got yer bus pass and I'm out ov here
d.b.s. Past Friendships
New Arrivals:
Album: My Wiener Touches the Ceiling
Band: Terp 2 It
The latest album from Terp 2 it, "My Wiener Touches the Ceiling", is full of Backpacks, Cookies made of Mountains, counting, and Partying your Dick Off.
Album: Greatest Tits
Band: Blunt (UK)
Blunt's second album.
Album: (Single)
Band: In Judgment
metal/harcore band from wallingford CT