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All MP3's are now free to download, no need to log in or anything. As long as no bots attack me, I'll leave it that way
Featured Labels:
Big Action Records
indie label from minnesota...we like to release just about anything the rocks for hard working bands.....
Rube Records
Small independent label/distro located in upstate NY.
Top Ten Downloads
The Criminals I want to stab you with something rusty
The Criminals Radio
d.b.s. And Then I Awoke
d.b.s. Dear Diary
The Criminals State Sponsored Slaughter
d.b.s. The Sun Went All The Way Down
The Criminals Nothing
d.b.s. Kitchen Noise
d.b.s. Starboard
d.b.s. Set Your Clocks Back An Hour
New Arrivals:
Album: My Wiener Touches the Ceiling
Band: Terp 2 It
The latest album from Terp 2 it, "My Wiener Touches the Ceiling", is full of Backpacks, Cookies made of Mountains, counting, and Partying your Dick Off.
Album: Greatest Tits
Band: Blunt (UK)
Blunt's second album.
Album: (Single)
Band: In Judgment
metal/harcore band from wallingford CT