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The Unit Breed Trabant Love Songs Pink Black Power Struggle

New Video:

Here's a new video from my band, The Unmanned Pilots

The Unit Breed
Lost Eyes CD / DVD
Lost Eyes is a double disc CD / DVD extravaganza. This is the 5th album by The Unit Breed, and it showcases the bizarre brilliance of the band. "Lost Eyes" is 55 minutes of unsettling, dark music. The DVD contains a movie version of the CD. It's a work of unacknowledged genius, and has moments reminiscent of Sonic Youth or Fugazi, but remains unique and uncategorizable.

Listen: Problem Solved
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Young, Reckless and Debonaire
Stripped down punk rock, conceived and recorded in the dark crannies of rural exile. Fast, cheap and out of control. The CD comes with videos and a diy guide to making CDs.
Listen: Insulation
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I hear American Steel is back together and going on tour. You can still buy their first album here

mp3 store New Disorder records sold mp3s way before iTunes even existed. All the underground music you can't get from the major corporate labels is here. Labels and bands and outlaws get in touch and we'll add your music here! the real ernst schoen-rene

Featured Releases:
Michael Truckpile - S/T
Super mellow acoustic music from one of the members of the kissups. Sort of like Billy Bragg. Some songs are accompanied by a range of instruments like cello or flute, others are just acoustic guitar and vocals.
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Monikers - Eat Your Young
Scratchy, garagy mid-tempo punk from this band. In many ways it sounds to me like early jawbreaker, with more gruff vocals.

Listen: Information
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Better Off Dead - Face Down
For this release, HCNL records goes back to its punk-rock roots with Better Off Dead. Melodic hardcore-influenced punk rock with a tinge of the old school. Songs about fading scene unity, lost friends, and nostalgia for better days. For fans of Propagandhi, Naked Raygun, Good Riddance, etc.
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New Videos:
Ooh! someone posted Jack Acid videos on youtube!
Check out the videos from Trabant and The Unit Breed below!

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