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The Unit Breed Trabant Love Songs Pink Black Power Struggle

The Duke and The Duchess

(Issue #9 - 2003-09-16)
In well worn grooves of filament dignity
the duke and the duchess glide by
diamond morning light on brown bag budweisers
a cane, two coats and fine black eyes

An Anne Bolyen timepiece in their pattern
I'd like to ask them to explain
sit on the steps and worry at minutae
of their kingdom and the block's domain

attention of a phantom, innocent of wearyness
the chance will pass and this focus end
with measured fondness they mutter
unintelligibly slowing the time they tend

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Crazy woman: This was inspired by an actual event. There's a picture to prove it.
The Duke and The Duchess: These guys walk by my house every morning.
Suburban: Up all night.
Under the Bed: This is a story from my childhood.

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Sorry for the delay: This is why this space has been silent for so long.

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