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Label: New Disorder Records
Website: http://www.newdisorder.com
San Francisco, ca USA

New Disorder Records has been struggling in obscurity since 1993. The best music you've never heard.


  New Disorder Soda
Band: Pirx the Pilot
we rock!
  famous in 47 states
  Friday Night Seafood Buffet
  Pirx the Pilot
Band: Def Poets Society
Punkster rap
  Self Titled
Band: What Happens Next?
Bandana thrash supergroup, with Max from Spazz, Craigums from Your Mother, Robert from Fuckface and Artimus Pyle and Devon from All You Can Eat. This band has more kung fu moves on stage than an entire lifetime of youth of today.
  the first year
Band: The Cost
Originally called Wet-Nap and formed at a Unitarian youth retreat, the Cost were around for years. Starting out when they were all 14, they grew from sloppy punk rock to powerful screamo in the vein of Dead and Gone with a little hint of Christ on Parade. The addition of Sean McCardle on tenor guitar really filled out their sound on their final album, which was released by lookout records.
  The Cost
Band: d.b.s.
Vancouver's finest. They started off as snotty teen pop-punk and evolved into a diverse and musically rich band with a large following all over Canada, the U.S. and Europe.
  Some Boys Got It Most Men Don't
Band: The Lab Rats
Pissed off hardcore in the vein of youth of today or Gorilla Biscuits. These guys are all under 18, but that doesn't stop them from playing great hardcore.
  Start Thinking
Band: The Jocks
This San Francisco band was made up of only teenagers. They started playing together when none of them were over 14, and for a few years, they took the bay area by storm.
  The Top Three Answers on the Board
  Time Machine
Band: Quest For Quintana Roo
This band helped define the term screamo. They were tight and intricate musically, with Jackson's tortured screaming over the top.
  Self Titled
Band: Sacrilicious
Band: Modern Machines
Inspired by all the midwest greats like Hüsker Dü and The Replacements, this band is the best thing since the Beatles.
  Split with Fragments
Band: Soda Pop Fuck You
  Timing is Everything
Band: The Gods Hate Kansas
Quirky, arty punk rock that may or may not have been inspired by bands like Fugazi and the Pixies.
  For Snakes EP
  Mischief is its own Reward
Band: The Criminals
This snotty punk rock supergroup, know for abusive live shows, had Jesse Luscious (blatz, the Frisk, Gru'ups) as its lead singer.
  Tomorrow's too late
Band: Sissies
Woman-fronted folk punk from Bloomington IN, home of operation cliff clavin, who sared some members.
  Look Back and Laugh
Band: Love Songs
Originally the side project of Craigums from What Happens Next? and Your Mother, Love Songs is now a full band that puts on one of the best shows in the bay area.
  Love Songs
  All Branches, No Trunk
  Behind Enemy Lines in G# Minor
Band: American Steel
Gruff east bay punk, with some of the best sounding punk rock to come out of the area for years.
  American Steel
  Hope Wanted
Band: Jack Acid
Coed arty punk rock from the early 90's east bay scene
Band: Fragments
Great band from green bay, WI. The fragments, like the modern machines, play wonderful midwestern styled rock and roll, like the replacements.
  Split with Modern Machines
Band: Half Empty
  People are Basically Good
  Welcome Home
  Pist Split
Band: The Enemies
Band: Hers Never Existed
Women only band from oakland with traces of sleater kinney in their sound.
  A Static State of Developmental Disability
Band: Power Struggle
For six year Dj Deetalx and I were a part of the Hip-Hop quintet Oddjobs. We had toured the country many times over, making friends and enemies alike. Sleeping on floors and random beds, driving from state to state in a van that was more like a pirate ship than a piece if American ingenuity. Those were great times but the fat lady sang her glass shattering verse, and it was time to bring it to an end. Kill the Vultures was born, and Dj Deetalx and I had created Power Struggle.
  Arson at the Petting Factory
Band: Pink Black
From Reno, NV, Pink Black play wonderfully catchy, nuanced indie pop. Be sure to check them out live if you get a chance, as they have a great stage presence
  7 song EP
Band: Trabant
Rural punk rock threesome + thinking machine for a drummer from Ithaca NY.
  Young, Reckless and Debonair

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